Our Nursery

Eldred’s Nursery Foundation sells flowers, plants, shrubs, trees, or other merchandise at our nursery location at 1220B Main Street, Belton, Texas 76513. Eldred’s Nursery Foundation was formed on January 1, 2017 not only to be the best nursery in Bell County, Texas, but also to offer individuals with disabilities opportunities for:

  • Job skill development
  • Independence
  • Experiencing work supervision
  • Experiencing attendance, and
  • Experiencing finances in a business setting.

The nursery provides a job training facility for persons with special needs in Bell County, Texas and also allows community based opportunities such as communication, social skill development, and interpersonal relationship development with customers and other trainees.

Why We Are Unique

Eldred’s Nursery Foundation is not a large training facility at this point, but the intention of the organization is to expand services so that others may participate. Currently, there are 11 trainees, but over 35 individuals have participated in the program since 2017. In addition, the nursery works closely with Heart of Central Texas Independent Living (HOCTIL), Texas Workforce, and Central Counties Services to ensure that individuals and families are receiving the services they need.

As a person with special needs leaves school they typically have had bursts of short work/academic experiences and then move on to something else. Constant change is typically not what employers are looking for when hiring. As a consequence, Eldred’s Nursery offers trainees a 5 hour block of work time. Trainees also have both a work break in the morning as well as a lunch break that allows for learning appropriate social behaviors in the workplace.

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What Customers Are Saying

I went to them a few years ago for crepe myrtles. They were VERY helpful in helping decide which ones i wanted as well as helping my husband get them loaded on the truck (they were pretty big). We never had an issue with the myrtles. They have thrived since day one and are now at least 8-9 feet tall, if not more. This is the only nursery I will go to. They’ve definitely earned my business for as long as they’re open!
– Tammy Allen-Barton

Absolute best nursery in the area with the best trees and best pricing! Very helpful and knowledgeable staff. This nursery supplied numerous beautiful and healthy trees to the city of Nolanville for a park beautification project which is how I found out about this business. I purchased a couple for my home project and would highly recommend this business for projects small and large.
– Rayne Buell

Such a great place! They are so friendly and the prices are perfect. You have to visit with Margaret, along with being knowledgeable about plants and trees she is doing so much for the community with the training program! I can’t wait to stop by there again.
– Chandra Howard

What We Do

We proudly sell indoor and outdoor plants, flowering plants, shrubs, and trees. We sell to both individuals and landscape companies at our nursery located at 1220 B North Main Street in Belton, Texas.

Readers of The Belton Journal have voted us “Best Nursery in Bell County” for 2018

  • Indoor and Outdoor Plants
  • Shrubs
  • Trees

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How You Can Help

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  • Volunteer
  • Assist with Special Events
  • Participate in Fundraisers
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